Amateur BBQ Team Registration

Amateur team registration is SOLD OUT!

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Date: September 22nd, 2018
Time: 5AM - 4PM
Address: Willow Glen Bank of America Parking Lot
1245 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, CA 95125


This form is for the amateur teams only. You are an amateur team if you:

  1. Do not have a catering company
  2. Have not participated in a KCBS competition
  3. You love BBQing at family events and gatherings and want to test your skills at a friendly competition

Space is limited to 12 amateur teams. All amateurs will get to cook to the public.

* First 12 teams who register using this form and complete the Eventbrite payment form.
* Cost per team is $300.00

* Meat

BBQ Contest Rules and Regulations

The following provides a guideline for competing in the BBQ competition. This is about having fun so we try and keep the rules simple. Entry Fee is the same regardless of how many types of meat you are cooking.

  1. All entries must be cooked at the contest, (meat will be provided day of competition after WGBA inspection).
  2. Contestants will be provided a 10' x 20' space (contains 10' x10' serving canopy). All items must be contained within that space. All grills must be positioned outside the Canopy.
  3. Contest check-in will begin at 5:00AM Saturday, September 22nd. Cooking spots will be assigned as you arrive.
  4. Contestants must be set up in their spots by 7AM. No Exceptions!
  5. Head Cooks meeting will be held at the judging table at 7:30AM. One member from each team is required to attend.
  6. All BBQ stations will be inspected by a contest coordinator (WGBA) prior to the beginning of the contest. Once inspected you may start cooking. Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) inspectors will also be doing inspections throughout the day. Estimated cooking start time ~7:45AM.
  7. Teams are responsible for clean-up of their site after the contest. Ash barrels will be available.
  8. Meat can be cooked by any means other than electric- Treager BBQs are NOT allowed as electricity will NOT be provided for amateur teams. Gas generators are NOT ALLOWED (this is a fire department restriction, not ours)
  9. Aluminum food trays will be provided for the event for holding cooked meat. Paper serving trays will be provided for purchased meat. DO NOT mark the paper serving trays with your team name or any other identifying marks.
  10. Turn in for judging can be 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after the official turn-in time. Turn in times are as follows:

  11. Judging will happen immediately on turn in.
    • 12:00 pm // Chicken | All teams must turn in their chicken for judging
    • 12:30 pm // Tri-tip | All teams must turn in their tri-tip for judging
    • 1:00 pm // Ribs | All teams must turn in their ribs for judging

  12. Judging will be made up of local VIPs.


BBQ in the Glen is celebrating our 3rd annual BBQ competition. This will be the first year we have amateur teams competiting for cash & prizes:


Grand Champion (GC) - $200 & Trophy (Voted by scoring from VIP Judges)
Reserve Grand Champion (RGC) - $125 & Trophy (Voted by scoring from VIP Judges)
People's Choice (PC) - $100 & Trophy (Voted by scoring from attendeees)


Each Meat (Chicken, Ribs, Tri-tip)
winnings down 5 places
First Place (1st) $50 & Medal
Second Place (2nd) $25 & Medal
Third Place (3rd) Medal
Fourth Place (4th) Medal
Fifth Place (5th) Medal


A completed W-9 form is required for us to issue ANY contest payments. We will also have them on site so as not to delay payouts.

Additional Terms and Conditions